6 Things We're Loving Right Now

Summer has just started and we've already found a couple favorite things for the season:

Chambray Shirts - Perfect for working outside, cooking inside, under a suit jacket, or camping. Few pieces are as versatile. There's a reason I own more than one.

• Coffee on the Patio - Walk to your local shop earlier than you normally do! Grab your coffee and take things to the patio (preferably a small metal bistro table). Keep your phone in its pocket and watch the patrons come and go, maybe strike up a conversation.

• Cheap Beer - I'm saving the complex flavors for cocktails and cigars. IPA's and imperials stouts had their moment but if you ask me what beer I want this summer, it's going to be a High Life or a Pacifico.

• Herb Gardens - Nothing cooler than needing a little extra basil for Sunday pasta with the family, and subsequently running out to your herb garden to snip a few leaves from the plant.

• Picnics - Pack a cold bottle of nice wine and your favorite cheap snack, play some classical music off the iPhone speaker— that's a date.

• Doodling - Let your mind wander. Live a little! On your next zoom call, see where your mind takes you and fill up the margins of your notebook with some doodles... Like you used to.

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