A Punch Fit For Many

This punch is as old as America itself! Originally a secret recipe of the Schuykill Fishing Company, a society of anti-English rebels from the 1730's, this punch is refreshing, easy to make, and perfect for a group of friends.

I served this punch at my last cookout and it's a really easy way to provide an elevated cocktail experience without having to man the bartending station for the whole day—letting you mingle and enjoy your company. And don't skip out on the fresh nutmeg! It really does add to the experience.

Philadelphia Fish House Punch

Mix these ingredients in a punch bowl or drink dispenser, and let your guests scoop their own ice from the freezer/cooler. This lets your punch stay fresh and not become over-diluted throughout the day.

24 oz. (~720 ml) Cognac
12 oz. (~360 ml) Jamaican Rum
6 oz. (~180 ml) Peach Liqueur
6 oz. (~180 ml) Straight Apple Brandy
12 oz. (~360 ml) Simple Syrup
18 oz. (~540 ml) fresh lemon juice
84 oz. (~2.9 L) cold water
Grated nutmeg for garnish

*Feel free to taste and adjust the recipe as you see fit. Everyone likes their punch a little different!

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