I challenge you to find a better lunch deal in Broad Ripple.

Grump's Slice Stop is somewhat new to Broad Ripple, but they're no strangers to the pizza game. From the awesome folks that brought you Futuro, Grump's is a New York style slice shop located at Black Circle on 46th street. 

When you walk into Grump's, you're greeted with a wave of nostalgia. Retro artwork, white subway tile, the soda drink case– these all remind you of a local spot you might visit on your bike when you were younger. The type of place that you really want to be a regular at, and tell your friends about.

But there's nothing childish about the pizza here. The slices are literally bigger than your face! One is almost a meal in itself. Grump's alway offers cheese and pepperoni, and they mix up other specialty flavors as they feel. "The Gate" was an amazing combination of sausage, hot chili oil, and burrata cheese. The red sauce is exactly what you'd want from a slice shop too. Tomato forward and not overpowering, balancing perfectly with the rest of the toppings.
But about that lunch deal. For $5 you get: the aforementioned huge slice of pizza, a breadstick that is approximately 1 foot long, a dipping sauce (always get the nacho cheese), and a drink! For $5! What else were you going to spend that $5 on? A sad sandwich from Subway? The salad bar at the grocery store? It's a no brainer here people. 

If you feel like pizza for dinner or are headed to a show at Black Circle, no worries! Grab a beer at the bar and bring it over to Grumps. Even without the lunch special, a slice that big is a deal at almost any price. They offer full pies now too!

So do yourself a favor and head down to 46th street this weekend for lunch or dinner.
And then you'll be the one that gets to tell all of your friends about the cool pizza shop in SoBro with amazing lunch deal.

-Wyatt Newman, Newman & Co.

Grump's Slice Stop
2201 E 46th St, Indianapolis, IN 46205 (Refinery26)
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