What’s In A Sandwich?

Well actually, in this case, not much. But thats the beauty of it all. The Jambon Buerre from Indianapolis's own Leviathan Bakehouse is so much more than the sum of its parts.

Jambon Beurre Sandwich with Side Salad

The Jambon Beurre is a simple sandwich consisting of just three ingredients. Ham, butter, and bread (four if you count the salt). The quality of these ingredients is what makes it work so well. The local ham is sweet and smoky, contrasting the creamy, fatty smoothness of the European butter. These are sandwiched between Leviathan's own natural-leavened baguette (made in-house daily, you'll need to get there early before they sell out). It's a wonderful cacophony of textures and flavors one wouldn't think possible of a sandwichwith so few ingredients. It truly is something special. Lest we forget the side salad, often overlooked, whose much-needed acidity cuts through the heaviness of the sandwich.

Leviathan Bakehouse makes all of their bread fresh daily. In addition to the Jambon Beurre, you can find an assortment of breeds, specialty coffee drinks, sandwiches, and sweet goods. Our other favorites include the: Marble Pan Rye Loaf, Breakfast Sandwich, Almond Croissant, Café Miel, and any of their fresh pastries.

Leviathan Bakehouse

1101 N. College Ave.

(317) 493-1879


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