Summer Suits and How to Style Them

Weekly, somebody tells me how the suit is dead and nobody dresses up anymore. Yet we can’t seem to keep suits and sportcoats in stock! We love to get dressed up for any occasion– a fancy dinner or just a Tuesday.

And even with the temperatures on the rise, a suit is still a great choice for summer.


Start with your classic navy suit or blazer.

This is the easiest place to start! You know it fits, and its versatile to boot.

  • The Ivy League - Hey nothing beats the classics! For the days that aren’t 90º, the OCBD is a perfect tweener of casual and dressed up.
  • O Captain! My Captain! - This is the narrator’s favorite option. A striped t-shirt looks at home underneath a blazer. I love the twinge of nauticality it lends to any outfit. Navy chinos and penny loafers complete the look. Great on a hot day!
  • Country Boy I Love You - As seen on Dominick above, we love the blend of tailoring and vintage western elements. A well-worn western shirt looks so cool with a navy blue suit and a banana really adds to that western feel.
  • Sweatin’ - And then some days it’s just plain hot out. This is why the world gave us linen! Keep things breezy with a linen shirt and linen suit. A remember! LET IT WRINKLE. A well lived-in linen piece looks so much better than one that’s perfect pressed, or even worse, starched…


If you have suits and sportcoats that you don’t currently wear, it’s a great time to consign them with us! We’d love to take a look at your summer and year-round weight suits and sportcoats. Learn how to consign here.

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