The Race Approaches

As the Indianapolis 500 fast approaches, it’s time to start thinking of your day-of plan. Outfit, beer choice, and what food to pack all come to mind.

It's hard to beat a long sleeve linen shirt paired with chinos or shorts. This keeps your upper half shielded from the sun yet still nice and cool. Tons of walking at the track so were some comfy shoes. For us, that means our favorite pair of beat-up penny loafers but a simple canvas sneaker will do the trick too. A vintage race-themed snapback would be welcome too.

When it comes to beer remember it's a marathon not a sprint. Low ABV, thirst quenching light beers are the move here people. Maybe one heavier option to break up the monotony around lap 100.

An Italian sandwich is a great option for the race. So easy to make in bulk for your compatriots the night before and enough protein/carbs to keep you going during a long day at the track.

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